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Dr. Juan Antonio Pedroza Franco

Minimal Invasion Specialist

Head of the Department of Surgery and Medical Director of Hospital San Diego. Specialist in minimally invasive procedures for advanced laparoscopy with a high specialty in TaTME.


How can I help you?

General Surgery treats a wide variety of diseases and conditions, depending on each patient and their symptoms, it will be the practical approach that will be given to the diagnosis and subsequently the procedure.


Minimally Invasive Procedures Specialist

One of the greatest fears of a patient who undergoes surgery is the use of scalpel or general anesthesia. Dr. Juan Antonio Pedroza Franco has advanced studies in minimally invasive techniques to perform surgical procedures, thus offering an alternative to traditional surgery.


I am the first surgeon in the state of Morelos to perform the following laparoscopic procedures: inguinal hernias, hemicolectomies, abdominal plasties and other 3D procedures.


Transanal Total Mesorectal Excision: Procedure with a combined laparoscopic and trans-anal approach to achieve a safe and oncologically complete dissection for lower rectal tumors.


Dr. Juan Antonio Pedroza Franco

General Surgeon, Bariatric Surgeon and Advanced Laparoscopy

Chief of the Department of Surgery and Medical Director of Hospital San Diego

I am a member of national and international associations of general and endoscopic surgery, and I have advanced studies in Health Systems, Ultrasonography, Colorectal Surgery and Hemorrhoidal Dearterialization type THD, among others.

  • Professional license: 4248021. Universidad Anáhuac del Norte
  • Specialty certificate: 6880150 UNAM

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